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Walking Sinkers
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Walking Sinkers

Catalog # 750462 Walking Sinkers slide on your fishing line so a fish dont feel the sinker weight when it picks up your bait. The small footpriint of the walking sinker on the bottom reduces your chance of snags. ck these prices out--> Enter the Number of packs and select Add. Description Availability 1 10 pack Quantity (1/4) 1/4oz In Stock $2.49 (3/8) 3/8oz In Stock $2.49 (1/2) 1/2oz In Stock $2.49 (3/4) 3/4oz In Stock $2.49 (100) 1oz In Stock $2.49 Total Quantity 0 These bouncers in particular are able to create vibrations as they sink and bounce in the water, which attract most walleye and substitute it for a minnow without the other fish noticing them. Note: Sinkers and bottome bouncers can be shipped if you agree to pay additional freight cost otherwise they are available for local pick-up in Bismarck, ND.

Price: $3.00